THE VALS - Where Im Most Alive (2009)


Electrique Mud/Unique Records (Dusseldorf, Germany) present the debut single from Belfast band The Vals. ‘Yesterday Today' is a song that doesn't shy away from the bands Beatlesque influences. Written by front-man Paul Doherty and recorded in former band-mate John Rossi's bedroom, The track has become popular on various radio stations worldwide since it made an appearance on the bands MySpace site. Shortly after, they signed an album and singles deal with the German label. The artwork for the single was designed by Stefan Duerr, who has worked with Paul Weller and Ocean Colour Scene on recent projects. His beautiful sleeve design sets the tone of the song brilliantly, with some psychedelic imagery and fairytale-like scenes.

DOWNLOAD: THE VALS - Where Im Most Alive (2009)


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